The firm ETK Kolín a.s. continues the tradition and production of the enterprise Tesla Kolín s.p., which was focused on the production of light-current equipment in the area of telecommunications, control and regulation systems and products of flight radio-technology for the army.

In 1990 the enterprise was privatised and the business name of the firm and its legal status were changed. Consequently, the manufacturing programme of the company was expanded, mainly by the production of low-voltage switchboards.

The firm ETK Kolín a.s. is highly regarded in its field for its professional knowledge, the long-term professional character of its work and the experience of its employees.


  • Low-voltage switchboards up to 1.000V
  • Switchboards for households
  • Compensating switchboards
  • Control panels of machines
  • Electrical assembly boards
  • M&R switchboards

special production

  • Aviation aerials for planes with subsonic speed
  • Aviation aerials for helicopters
  • Signal converter blocks
  • Spare parts for RKL 41
Quality management system ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009
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